The Gentleman's Guide to Behaving With an Escort

You just booked one of the stunning Whitefield M45 escorts and you're beyond ecstatic. But before you go into that appointment, make sure to remember some very important rules in behaving with a Whitefield M45 escort so you can avoid trouble and be your escort's favourite client:

You are her client, nothing more.

It's not uncommon for clients to fall in love with cheap escorts in Whitefield M45, but it's something that you have to avoid. To your escort Whitefield M45, you are a client and your appointment is purely business. If you think you're falling in love with an escort because she's fulfilling your fantasies, you're not. Stick to the business side of things and you'll be good to go.

Never go bareback.

If you're new to booking escorts in Whitefield M45, bareback means not wearing a condom during sex, which is something that you should never do for your safety. All cheap escorts in Whitefield M45 will never agree to unprotected sex.

But even if she says yes, never do it because it's dangerous and you won't like the possible consequences after. Never try to take off your condom halfway through or slit it open just to have a better experience because Whitefield M45 escorts will notice it and you'll be in big trouble.

Always treat your escort with respect.

Sure, you're booking the escort Whitefield M45 for her services, but that doesn't mean that you can treat her like a prostitute. Think of your escort as the woman you're dating and always make her feel important. Never force her to do anything against her will, communicate with her constantly and allow her some freedom, especially if you'll be spending an extended time together.

Asking for a refund is rude.

Some clients would ask for a refund because they just came quickly. But if you think about it, your Whitefield M45 escort has no control over that and you should never be compensated because you feel like you were not served well.

Forget about haggling.

You're booking one of the escorts in Whitefield M45 fully aware that you will spend money for her fee, tip and all the other expenses that you will incur during the appointment. Haggling is a big no-no when booking an escort, so never attempt to do it even if you're tempted to. If you can't afford to pay for her rate, then just don't book her. Now that you have these basic rules in mind, you can already go to that appointment knowing how to treat your Whitefield M45 escort right.