What You Can and Cannot Do With Your Escort

Whether you prefer blonde escorts, European escorts or slim escorts, you'll surely find one on the market today. Escorts have become so in-demand that many women have turned to escorting to earn good money. But while the escort service business is, in its nature, about offering sexual pleasure, there are also some boundaries that you must respect when spending time with an escort.

You can:

Engage in small talk before the main event. Don't rush into taking off your clothes. Get to know her a bit first by engaging in a conversation during the first few moments of your appointment.

Offer her a present. Slim escorts can never resist a surprise. Although it's not required or expected, giving her something will instantly make her feel special and more comfortable in your company.

Give her a tip. No matter how small the amount, always set aside some money for your escort's tip. This is your way of letting her know that you appreciate her and will add brownie points if you want to book her again.

Be romantic with her. Slim escorts are women, at the end of the day, and they would love for their clients to be romantic with them. Take things slow just as you would with a real girlfriend.

You cannot:

Drink too much alcohol. A glass of tonic or whiskey is a great way to calm those nerves, but too much of it will only put slim escorts off. Being too drunk will also make you miss the entire experience.

Ask for unprotected sex. Unless you already discussed this with the escort upon booking, never force her to have unprotected sex with you. Slim escorts also want to protect their health, so make sure you follow the rules.

Request for a freebie. You already know that booking slim escorts come with a fixed rate for the service that they offer. So, never ask your escort to do certain things as a "freebie" to you. Slim escorts are also like any other worker; so unless they're offering it to you, never ask for any extras.

Be too rough on them. The rule her is simple: never do anything that your escort doesn't agree with or is comfortable doing with you. Although you're paying for her services, always respect her as a woman and not just someone you paid for. By keeping these do's and don'ts in mind, you can have a better and more fulfilling experience with slim escorts.