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Fetish escorts know all there is to know about sexual fetishes. Over the years, they have helped many men to explore the kinky side of themselves which they usually kept hidden and usually escorts that are fetish develops them.  A fetish is a sexual focus on an object or body part that's not typically sexual, such as shoes or feet and they're more common in men than women. A person with a fetish may pleasure themselves whilst they hold, smell, rub or even taste the object of their affection or they may ask their partner to wear it or use it during sex or find a fetish escort that can better do it.

Many people need to have this object at hand or to be fantasizing about it, alone or with an escort fetish', in order to become sexually aroused, get hard and achieve an orgasm. In terms of what causes a person to have a fetish ability, experts agree that an experience with masturbation as a child could develop into a fetish for an object or scene that serves as a reminder.

Some of guys rather book fetish escorts because they are much eager to fulfil desires in the bedroom.  It can be difficult to explore an escort fetish, especially if they are not particularly broad-minded.  

Many of fetish escorts love giving their lovers foot jobs. They start by engaging in a little foot foreplay and then they drag their feet all over their playmate's body and massage him with them. Often, they'll take a dominant role and sit on a chair whilst he lies down on his back and then they may then gently slip their toes in his mouth for him to suck on before slowly moving them down to his crotch. After a few minutes of good foot foreplay, they will then proceed to give him the best foot job he's ever had and that's through booking a fetish escort.

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