4 Rules to Keep Yourself Safe When Meeting a New Client

You're one of the most beautiful Blackrod BL6 escorts, so it only comes natural that you have several bookings lined up, most of which are new clients. But before you get giddy over the idea of earning money, make sure to keep these four rules in mind first to ensure that you're safe when meeting these new clients:

1. Never do outcalls for new clients.

Ask any of the Blackrod BL6 escorts and they'll tell you the same advice. As a general rule, outcalls are only reserved for repeat clients, but some escorts still meet new clients in their homes even with the risks involved. Never agree to this because you'll never know what dangers are in store for you once you're at the client's home. Some clients may demand more than what they paid for and it will be harder for you to leave if you're in their property.

2. Never carry personal documents in your purse.

Most Blackrod BL6 escort will only carry two things on their purse: their phone and some money. Never carry any document that will reveal your personal information. This includes credit cards, identification cards and utility bills that will contain your name, address and contact number. In case an appointment turns sour, you can keep your identity safe from a client. It's also best to carry only minimum cash to avoid getting mugged.

3. Never negotiate with a client.

At the end of the day, you must remember that being one of the Blackrod BL6 escorts is a business, which is why you need to stay professional in every appointment. Since you and a new client have already agreed on your terms of service, there is no need to negotiate during your appointment. If a client asks for additional favours, you have the right to refuse him.

4. Never get drunk.

You can expect a client to offer you some alcohol during the appointment. But some clients are actually doing this to get you drunk so they can take advantage of you. If a client offers you a drink, make sure that you see him pouring it to your glass. Also, limit your alcohol intake by a drink or two. Being drunk reduces your ability to make the right decisions, and you could end up in a bad situation for it.

Blackrod BL6 escort have stayed long in the industry for a reason. Aside from being good at what they do, they also impose strict rules for themselves to ensure that they are always safe.