5 Big No-No's that Can Easily Make You an Escort's Worst Client

So, you already booked one of those stunning submissive escorts and you can't wait for your appointment. You probably even have a list of things that you'd want to try with your escort. But before you get giddy and excited, make sure to avoid these five no-no's that will easily make you the worst client for submissive escorts:

Unprotected sex

Sure, you're one of those who don't like the feel of latex and would want to go for the “natural” experience during your appointment. But it's a strict rule among submissive escorts to always wear protection during sex, that's unless you agreed on unprotected sex upon booking. Remember that wearing a condom isn't only for protecting your escort, it's more about protecting yourself too.

Cutting your appointment short

Submissive escorts charge for time not the sexual acts they do to you. If you book four hours, expect to pay for those hours even if you suddenly cut the appointment short due to an emergency, a sudden personal commitment or just plain cold feet. Never ask an escort to prorate your fee just because you had to leave an hour early.

Cancelling last minute

This doesn't only apply with booking submissive escorts but any other service that you want to book. Nothing is more rude than cancelling last minute because you're not only wasting the escort's time but also making her lose money that she might have already allocated to pay the bills. Some escorts may have even spent on booking a hotel room out of their own pocket if you're travelling from another city, and may end up not getting paid for that booking if you cancel last minute.

Not preparing for your appointment

You can expect submissive escorts to show up in your appointment well-dressed and clean. So, why not do the same? Failing to at least take a shower and dress properly is one of the easiest ways to put off an escort and you could end up with a less desirable experience than you expected.

Trying to get a freebie

You wouldn't ask a doctor or lawyer to give you freebies right? This also goes the same with submissive escorts. You are paying for the services of your escort and if you want her to do more, you have to pay her more. That's the rule for booking just about any kind of service and it also applies for escorts. So, never ask her for a few extras unless she offers it to you herself.

Keep these no no's in mind and have the most amazing time with your escort.