5 Costumes Your Client Wants You to Wear in the Bedroom

Role-playing is one of the classic tricks by Oldham OL1 escorts to satisfy their clients. After all, most men often dream of getting down in bed with a beautiful girl wearing the costume that they like. But the question is: what exactly do men want you to wear? We got you covered with some ideas:

The schoolgirl

The schoolgirl uniform is as classic as dressing up can get for cheap Oldham OL1 escorts. Wear a white shirt tucked in a short skirt with a cardigan and your client will surely be turned on from the moment he sees you. The schoolgirl character is one of the go-to costumes for Oldham OL1 cheap escorts, so you should follow suit to get more bookings.

The nurse

The sexy nurse costume isn't just a popular choice during Halloween but it's also a favourite among escorts in Oldham OL1 and their clients. Let your client pretend that he's sick and that you're there to take care of him-and his wildest fantasies-while wearing a skimpy nurse uniform with nothing underneath. He'll surely keep coming back for more, which is why you should try it as an escort Oldham OL1.

The cheerleader

Blonde or brunette, the cheerleader costume should be a part of your Oldham OL1 escort closet. Guys love the feeling of being a macho man with their own cheerleader to turn them on. So, get that skirt and shirt with your cheerleader pompoms on and it will surely drive him wild.

The French maid

What else would drive a man wilder than his cheap escort in Oldham OL1 showing up in a French maid costume with the classic feather duster? Knock on his hotel room pretending to clean up.  But of course, you'll have a few other things in mind including the best performance that he'll ever experience with an Oldham OL1 escort.

The celebrity

Do clients book you because you have Kim Kardashian's booty or you look like Ariana Grande? Take inspiration from that and actually show up dressed like these celebrities.  Oh, what would a client give to spend time in bed with someone as sexy as Kim or Ariana. So, you can be as close to these celebrities that your client can get by showing up in full character. You'll surely be one of the most popular-and most booked-escorts in Oldham OL1 in no time.

Are you ready to go on an adventure with these costumes?