5 Not-So-Secret Tricks to Being a Student Escort's Favourite Client

There are so many things that make student escorts more special than your typical escort. Aside from being young and fresh, student escorts are also known to be excellent performers both in and outside the bedroom, making them a hot commodity in escort service today.

If you already tried booking a student escort, you would want to be her favourite client. Here are five tricks to help you out:

Do the legwork of getting to know her before meeting her. Most men will book student escorts without doing much research first, so this is your chance of getting that first impression right. Gather basic information about her like her name or website if she has one and make this your conversation starter on your first meeting. Also, be polite enough to answer her questions.

Be punctual. Student escorts juggle their time between school and work. So any delays may cause them to miss a class or worse, lose money by missing another booking. Unless you let your escort know of a time change in advance, show up on time or inform her ahead if you will be more than 10 minutes late. Also, don't ask her to stay more than the time you booked her and if she does stay, make sure you pay for her time well.

Stick only to what she can offer. Not all escorts will do anything you wish even if it means more money. To avoid disappointment, make sure you ask her if she can do your fetishes, for example. If she isn't comfortable doing what you want, respect that.

Don't talk about money or sex in person. Unless you're already romping in the bedroom, never talk about what you're going to do together in person. Focus on getting to know her instead. Student escorts appreciate men who look past beyond their looks and would want to know their personalities.

Treat her like the lady you're dating. Sure, you're paying your escort for her services. But if you want to be treated like his boyfriend, you have to treat her like your girlfriend first, even if there are no strings attached. Take her out to dinner, have coffee, let her show you around town or even give her a gift. She'll surely appreciate the effort that you put in to make her feel special and will gladly return the favour with an amazing performance.

Are you ready to be your escort's favourite client?