What Does an Escort Usually Spend Her Money On?

A lot of women dabble into being a Tottington BL8 escort because of the glamorous life that it can give them. But behind the makeup, sexy outfits and luxurious hotel stays, being of the Tottington BL8 escorts also mean spending on these things that will benefit your business:

Incall rent

Most cheap escorts in Tottington BL8 maintain their own incall location, which could be an apartment, house or hotel room. If you offer incall service as an escort Tottington BL8, paying for booking or rental should be part of your budget.


Looking good comes with the territory of being one of the escorts in Tottington BL8, so it's only natural to invest in clothes and accessories that will help you attract more clients. You don't really need to buy expensive things to add to your wardrobe. You just need to choose your clothes and accessories wisely so you can mix and match them.


If you really want to stand out from a flock of cheap escorts in Tottington BL8, it pays to hire a photographer who will take the photos that you can use for your portfolio and marketing efforts. It will also benefit you to invest in a good quality camera that will allow you to take good photographs even on your own.


Of course, you'd have to wear the right lingerie to set the mood for intimate time with your client. The options are basically endless when it comes to lingerie, so the trick to finding that perfect Tottington BL8 escort outfit is to know your shape first. Whether you're an apple, pear or hourglass, you'll surely find the right lingerie for your figure.


The last and probably most important thing that you should spend on as an escort Tottington BL8 is your health. It's a given that you need to visit your gynecologist regularly for a checkup and to get all the vaccinations that will protect you from the health risks that come with your job. But you also need to invest in the right vitamins and of course, a good quality condom to take to every appointment. This way, your client won't have to make the excuse to have unprotected sex with you since he doesn't have a condom with him.

In the world of escorting, it really pays to know where you should put your money and these five expenses will surely be worth every quid.