This Is Your Guide to the Most Common Escort Slangs in the Industry

Whether it's your first time to book an escort or not, you've probably come across some terms that might not be familiar to you. From OWO escorts to A-levels and RO, these common slangs are what escorts have come to rely on to advertise what they offer without sounding too vulgar.

Girlfriend experience

When booking escorts online, you have to be specific about what your goal is. If you're booking for sex, you can say that you want the girlfriend experience, which means everything you normally do with a partner including hugging, kissing and of course, sex.


OWO means "Oral With Out," so if you want to book OWO escorts, you can expect them to do oral sex without protection. This is a common request since no one likes the taste of latex anyway.


Simply put, this slang means "anal." If you are booking OWO escorts, you have to ask if they offer this service or not because not all escorts will agree to doing this.


DFK means "Deep French Kissing." Booking OWO escorts for the girlfriend experience doesn't necessarily include deep French kissing, so you have to be specific about this service.


Also known as bare back, this means having sex with OWO escorts without using a condom or any other means of protection.


Thanks to the movie Fifty Shades of Grey, the term BDSM that means Bondage, Discipline, Sado-Masochism has become more popular these days. Having BDSM is about doing various aspects of consensual exchange of power between two adults.


If you've tried the GFE from an escort and you want to level up your experience, you can go for HME or “HoneyMoon Experience.” According to agencies, this is supposedly better than GFE because it means more passionate lovemaking like honeymooning couples do.


A non-pro is a type of escort who only offers bookings on an occasional basis and mostly for financial needs. These OWO escorts are usually discreet and would want to build a long relationship with their clients than professional ones who prefer different clients.

Pillow queen

Escort or not, a pillow queen is a woman who likes to be on the receiving end of sex without doing much.

The world of escorts is definitely a whole new experience to be in. So, if you're planning to book one of the OWO escorts soon, make sure that you're familiar with the common terms first.