4 Types of Lingerie to Spice Up Your Escort Wardrobe

It goes without saying that being one of those young escorts mean that you have to compete with the best of them. This is why it's very important to invest in everything that will make you more attractive and memorable to clients, one of which is through wearing the right lingerie.  The thing is, men can greatly get attracted to basic, simple pieces that when thrown together with the right attitude, will easily make you the escort they'll never forget. Here are four pieces of lingerie that you should have in your escort wardrobe:

The bikini

Simple, non-pretentious yet extremely sexy for a lot of men, the bikini can be worn alone or paired with a sexy lace cami or bra for that bubbly yet hot look that will wow your client the moment you take your clothes off. Many young escorts prefer to wear a bikini since it is low enough to be sexy but still leaves some to the imagination.

The bodysuit

Also called a teddy, a bodysuit is like a one-piece swimwear but a lot sexier. Although it has more coverage than a cami and bikini together, a lot of young escortsóand their clients-find it more appealing because of how the lace drapes the body. Some escorts also love the see-through bodysuits that are perfect teasing before the main event. Some bodysuits can even be worn as a top.

The bustier

If you're one of those young escorts who don't have as much of a cleavage than your competition, the bustier may just be your best friend. This extended bra top covers most of your torso and accentuates your cleavage for that sex appeal that no client can resist. You can also take the game higher by using an attached garter that you can wear with thigh-high stockings.

The corset

A classic wardrobe staple among escorts for centuries, the corset is the perfect way to give the appearance of a small waistline and make you look curvier than you really are. Men also love young escorts who wear corsets because it takes them back in time when escorts wear them a lot. Good thing, there are now corsets that make you sexier without the painful cinching and you can also use an attached garter to pair with your stockings.

Are you ready to go shopping for these must-have staples in your escort wardrobe?