3 Aphrodisiacs to Order on Your Dinner Date with an Cheetham Escort

After booking one of the beautiful Cheetham Hill M8 escorts, you're thinking about what you'll do during your time together. Of course, you'll be in for some action inside the bedroom but you also want to surprise your escort with a dinner date that will help break the ice and get you in the mood for intimate time.

But aside from picking the right restaurant for your dinner with one of the Cheetham Hill M8 escorts, have you ever thought about what type of food you should order? Aphrodisiacs have been known to get anyone in the mood for sex and here are our three suggestions:


Who doesn't love oysters, anyway? The Romans documented this aphrodisiac during the 2nd century A.D. and it continues to be a popular choice for lovers who want to share a good dinner before moving on to the bedroom.

Studies have shown that oysters are not only fun to eat with Cheetham Hill M8 escorts, but they're also packed with nutrients that aid in blood flow, which is very important during sex and energy so you can last all night long with one of the Cheetham Hill M8 escorts.


Aside from oysters, lobster and spot prawns are also popular aphrodisiacs in restaurants. But an expert suggests that seafood only becomes a “passion igniter” when it's cooked right. For instance, a lobster thermidore may sound like a good choice for your date with an escort, but it actually makes you sleepy.

So, choose a lobster dish where the protein is simply sautéed or steamed to bring out the sweet flavours of the ocean. You should also pair seafood with a salad made with whole grains and a little bit of spice since the heat increased body temperature and the grains keeps your sugar up to prevent drowsiness during your time with Cheetham Hill M8 escorts.


Of course, this list wouldn't be complete without a great dessert that's made of chocolate, the most popular aphrodisiac in the world. Cheetham Hill M8 escorts love a good dessert and nothing beats an indulgent pot of fondue with different types of fruits that contain vitamins C and E to help boost sexual performance. Just try to steer clear from eating chocolate cake because it is heavy and may slow you down later.  Now that you have some options to choose from during your date with your escort, all you need to do is pick an outfit and you're good to go.