An Escort's Guide to Taking Perfect Photographs

In the highly competitive world of Saddleworth OL3 escorts, it's very important to always be on top of your game or you'll easily be left behind by the pack. One of the best ways to ensure that you get a good stream of bookings every time is to take good photographs that clients can look at to decide if they should book you or not. Here are some tips to help you do just that.

Keep your shoulders at the right angle with the camera lens.

Since your shoulders are the widest part of your body, you have to position yourself at least sideways to the camera so you look narrower. Clients who book a Saddleworth OL3 escort usually look for women who are on the slimmer side, so posing like this will surely help you catch their attention.

Learn to suck that extra belly fat in.

As one of the escorts in Saddleworth OL3, you work out and eat right to keep yourself fit and sexy. But let's face it; there will still be some extra belly flat that will look horrible in photos. To pose for photos, stand up straight with your shoulders back and tuck your belly in just enough to look slimmer without your rib cage showing, especially if you're in a bikini or lingerie.

Get rid of the double chin.

It's rare that you'll see cheap escorts in Saddleworth OL3 with double chins in real life, but they can make their appearance in photos. To fight that, make sure that you pull your head slightly forward and extend your neck. You can also tilt your head a bit for a more natural look. Just make sure to not overdo things so won't look strained or awkward on camera.

Invest in a good tan.

A lot of escorts Saddleworth OL3 get regular tans because clients love them. So, why not do the same? Investing in a good tan will help accentuate all your curves and make you look fresh and glowing even if you're tired. Plus, you'll look gorgeous on those photographs for your Saddleworth OL3 escort portfolio.

Finally, never wear anything loud or printed because it makes your photographs busy. If you're petite, stay away from patterns because they'll make you look smaller.  Horizontal stripes also make you look bigger than you really are. Wear monochromatic outfits instead. If you don't know what to choose, a sexy black bodycon dress will always do the trick for you.