A Chorlton Escort's Guide to the Different Types of Clients

There is nothing quite like being one of the most stunning Chorlton cum Hardy M21 escorts. You dreamed of becoming one for a long time and now that you're part of the club, you can't wait to meet your first client and show him what you're capable of doing in and outside the bedroom. But before you get giddy, get to know the different types of clients that Chorlton cum Hardy M21 escort usually meet:

  • Mr. Loyal

While most men book different Chorlton cum Hardy M21 escort to see who's the best one out there some men stick with one escort if he finds her satisfying. So, if you're an escort, you want this type of client because he will book you over and over again, which guarantees continuous business on your end.

  • Mr. Indecisive

This is the most typical client and he is always interested in new escorts Chorlton cum Hardy M21 instead of sticking to just one or two escorts. Mr. Indecisive usually loses interest in an escort after having sex with her and will quickly jump to other Chorlton cum Hardy M21 escorts every chance he gets. Some men also use this strategy to avoid being overly attached to their Chorlton cum Hardy M21 escorts.

  • Mr. Romantic

He is a dream client for all escorts in Chorlton cum Hardy M21 because he will treat you like a real woman and not just a sex object. You can expect Mr. Romantic to be kind and gentle to you throughout your appointment, and he will treat you with respect even during your time in bed.

  • Mr. Rude

If all Chorlton cum Hardy M21 escorts dream of being booked by Mr. Romantic, none of them would want to be with Mr. Rude. This type of client will pay money for a good time and he expects to get his money's worth sex-wise. Escort in Chorlton cum Hardy M21 are seen by rude clients as merely sex objects that they can have fun with and treat however they want because they're paying for the escort's services.

Which client would you want to meet first? For sure, Mr. Romantic and Mr. Loyal would top the list of all Chorlton cum Hardy M21 escorts, but if you meet Mr. Rude or Mr. Indecisive at some point, make sure to still treat him with respect and give him your best performance. Who knows, he might turn into your ideal client one day too.