The Definitive Guide to Being an On Holiday Escort

So, you always wanted to travel the world, go on huge shopping sprees and stay in five-star hotels. But the thing is, you don't have the money for it, so you decided to become an on holiday escort. But how do you keep your groove going in this highly competitive yet very fun world?

Get your travel documents sorted.

Before you accept any booking as an on holiday escort, make sure that you have all your travel documents sorted first to avoid any hassles later on. Make sure that your passport is updated and that you have all the documents you might need when travelling to a foreign destination with your client.

Ask about the arrangements of your trip beforehand.

Most on holiday escorts enjoy all the luxuries that come with travelling, but there are still a few clients who are not clear about what they're covering during your trip. As a general rule, the client will take care of the escort's travel expenses on top of her rate.
This means that if you're booked as an on holiday escort, your client will pay for your plane tickets, hotel and food. Make sure to ask about these arrangements before you accept any booking. If you need to take care of transportation and lodging, it's best to refuse a client than having to spend more than you'll potentially earn.

Know what clothes to pack.

After saying yes for an on holiday booking, it's best to do a bit of research about your destination. Check the weather, the spots that you're most likely to visit and if you need to attend an event when you're there. This will help you pack the right clothes for the trip and not have to scramble about what to wear if in case you need to go to a party and you have no cocktail clothes.

Focus on your client.

While the idea of going on a trip for free is downright exciting, you have to remember that you're traveling as an on holiday escort, which means that you're there for work. So, as much as you want to explore the city on your own, never leave your client in the hotel unless he agrees with it. Being an on holiday escort definitely has its perks, especially if you do things right. Keep these tips in mind to make sure that you'll have a long and successful career as an on holiday escort that will potentially take you to different places around the world.